Saturday, June 10, 2017

Quiz -2

Hello friends
Here is a Promotional Quiz no - 2
कहते हैं की हर आदमी की सफलता के पीछे किसी स्त्री का हाथ रहता है.
रफ़ी साहब की सफलता के पीछे यकीनन उनकी पत्नी का हाथ था.
You have to see the below picture of Rafi Saheb and his Wife.
You have to tell the name of Rafi Saheb's Wife in this picture.
send me your answers at

One Lucky winner among correct answers shall get Md. Rafi ke 51 Geeton ki Sargam(Hindi) as a gift. All other persons who send correct answer shall get Rs.100 as discount on selling price of the book.

Also There is a good news that Md. Rafi ke 51 geeton ki Sargam book(English) will be available in English SRGM duly Published soon.

This quiz is open from 11 June to 26 June 2017. Hurry up send your answer on my mail or below contact form.
Lucky winner  is Sh. Gopal Sharma. Pl. send your full address to send the book.
other two persons who gave correct answers are Surinder Kumar and Pratik Joshi. Surinder and Pratick  are eligible for Rs. 100/- discount on purchase of the book. 

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