Thursday, July 13, 2017

Marriage function Jaymaala Ceremony

Marriage function Jayamala Ceremony

I saw in few marriages that at the time of Jayamala friends/relative comes on Stage and put Groom and Bride on their shoulders and Groom and Bride put their head back so that it becomes difficult to put garland to each other. sometimes mishappening occurs. Garland breakdowns, it is the worst thing I think.  it is a disregard to other to put the head back and getting far when other is reaching near you to put garland. Groom or Bride fall down due to this act. they get injured.

There should be Bride and Groom on the Stage, other should stand gently not touching couple. The bride should put first the Garland to Groom. Groom should nicely accept it and in a similar way Groom should put the Garland to Bride and Bride should accept it nicely.

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