Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mukesh ji ki Punya tithi मुकेश जी की पुण्य तिथि

Today 27 th August is the punyatithi of singer Mukesh Chand Mathur. We remember and pay homage to him. Let his soul rest in peace and provide us shower of blessings from heaven.

Mukesh's fan may get the book "Mukesh ke 51geeton ki sargam" to play and sing selected songs of Mukesh. In this book Sargam is given in hindi with taal and timely notations. mail me at

Fans who are able they can purchase the book. it will make you happy and it will also help music, so that a new book "Lata ke 51 geeton ki sargam book" can be published. (as publishing a book is a costly affair).

Lata ke 51 geeton ki sargam book is ready computer print can be provided if any one wants. mail me at

Pl. have a look inside the book in this video:

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