Saturday, August 16, 2014

Song Notation Requests.

Thanks for love of viewers. Many are watching my blog in detail and keeping every new posting in their eyes. I am happy to learn that some viewers have purchased harmonium/synthesizer after seeing my blog. They found it easy to learn and play a song. Few are playing instruments like harmonium,  Sitar and Violin. they found notations quite suitable to play and enjoy the song. My blog is a little support to them. Rest you have to do yourself or with the guidance of your teacher. But one should have some musical instrument in his/her home and should start learning to play songs/ bhajans/ghazals etc.

Many requests for songs notations are coming. Due to my busy schedule I can not reply or upload each of them. But I am trying to upload some sweet requests/songs regularly. Enjoy them also.

Best Wishes
-Vinod Kumar

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