Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ek Radha ek meera एक राधा एक मीरा

Ek Radha ek meera song lyrics and notations  एक राधा एक मीरा Singer: Lata Mangeshkar,  Here is notations and lyrics of hindi song Ek Radha ek meera from film : Ram teri ganga maili by Rajkapur. The notation is as I play.

Click here for notations of Ek Radha ek meera 


  1. sir, plz post notation of ek radha ek meera.

  2. please post notation of roz roz dali dali

  3. Song starts from Pa note, not Dha. Ek Radha ....will be PA Dha( Komol Dha)Sa this.Scale will be D Minor.Pa in D Minor is A. So the note should be A Bflat D D like this.

    1. As per C scale Dha = A and Ni Komal = Bb
      As per D Scale Pa = A and Dha komal = Bb
      Trained musician can say it is of Dm scale. but beginers who have learned C scale can play the same tune accordingly. Thanks Gautam for having discussion.


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