Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sun raha hai na tu, Aashiqui-2 song

Aashiqui-2 film is a great musical hit of this time. Song Sun raha hai na  tu has two version. One is male version and another is female version. Female version of the song is beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal and is liked by everyone. Here I tried to put notation of the song Sun raha hai na tu ro rahi hoon main.

Sun raha hai na tu ro rahi hoon main Aashiqui-2


Sun raha hai na tu ro rahi hoon main Aashiqui -2


  1. A holy child of lightJuly 3, 2013 at 8:27 PM
    I feel so blessed to see this post of yours. Have been searching for notations for so long. Thank you so very much. Would request to also add notations for the song 'Saanware tore bin jiya jaye na' by Nusrat sahab (available on youtube). Thank you in advance.

  2. Please upload the notation of the flute portion

  3. please send of ambarsariya , jeene laga hoon and jee le zara

    1. Please find the link of jee le zara

  4. I found the sun raha hai na tu (Ashiqui 2) in your blog, could you please update teh sargam of the introducing music of this song-----sun raha hai na tu ro raha hu may-- yaara....yaara,
    please update it in your blog..

    Shobbie Karmakar

  5. Vinod ji,
    Great work!!
    Can you please share the notation of old due song from Hum Dono - Abhi na jao choddkar?


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